Блог о строительстве

Оригинальные статьи о строительстве

Статьи, интервью, заметки от инженеров, строителей, проектировщиков, дизайнеров, то есть непосредственно от тех, кто представляет главных специалистов в строительном бизнесе.

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Summer Discounts!

This summer only we’ll be installing new roofs and repairing the old ones with a considerable, -20% discount as opposed to our regular pricing!

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Replacing the old roofs with transparent and romantic skylight roofs is the trend of the day!

Call us now in order to get all the details on how much will it cost you to change your boring roof to a skyline-view one! Call us now at 555–123–2323

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Какие темы мы рассматриваем

в своём блоге?


Секретами мастерства делятся инженеры-проектировщики – специалисты, с которых начинается работа по строительству.


Об особенностях строительного рынка рассказывают руководители строительных бригад, прорабы, и другие специалисты.


Вот уже все построено и необходимо заниматься внутренней отделкой. Как лучше расставить мебель, подобрать краску или обои.


Но есть случаи, когда строительство здания или сооружения выходит за рамки обычной беседы о строительстве. Как правило это касается тех строений, создание которых предполагало необычную идею.

Keeping Homeowners


For over a decade!

As it’s now almost a decade since we’ve launched our roofing business, we think the timing is good for making a small overview of our accomplishments so far.

By now we’ve become the biggest rooftops installing, replacing and repairing provider both in Pasadena and in the Orange county, California. This feat would have been simply impossible to achieve should we not have such a big and skilled team of pros employed with us. In everything we do, in each servicing session that we perform, our staff members are front and center of why we are so efficient!

We’ve Been Doing Roof

Repairs & Installations For a Long Time


Does your Roof Leak?

If this has happened to your commercial or residential building, call us for a timely help right away!

Cleaning Services

Pricing Table

Clay Tile

$400per square
  • Natural Look
  • Easy to Repair
  • Long Lasting
  • Non Combustible
  • Attractive
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Metal Tile

$700per square
  • Attractive
  • Fire Retardant
  • Duratbility
  • Low Maintenance
  • Recyclable
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Satisfied Customers


Projects Completed


Returning Clients

People Always Seem to Be Glad

When the Rain Stops Dropping Through Their Roof!

Boris JohnsonJune 10, 2016

My company is located in a small commercial office building, inhabited by just a handful of businesses. So when the big storm happened, we were all shocked to see the roof being broken and leaking. But thanks to an emergency roof repairing service…

Theresa MayJune 14, 2016

After a recent hurricane coming from the Pacifics, my cottage’s rooftop was quite literally blown away! Whenever I tried to call other specialists, they told me humongous numbers as a price of repair works or promised a way too long schedule…